Pussy Riot!  No, we’re not talking about the Russian punk band.

It’s what could have happened if the community cats of Palm Beach Island Cats attended the kick-off party at Sequin of Worth Avenue and started trying on the colorful bangles and baubles.

The Feb. 27 event – so purr-fectly named “Bubbles and Baubles” – honored PBIC, which feeds and provides medical care (including sterilization and vaccinations) for the famous felines which patrol our homes, businesses and beaches.

Sequin owner Kim Renk is a passionate animal lover who has rescued many, many cats both up North and in PB.  In fact, the party invitation had her beloved Fritz, a gray and white rescued cat whose favorite past time is golf.  Well, sort of.  He dreams of patrolling golf courses. In reality, he patrols the showroom of Sequin’s headquarters in NYC.

“If it weren’t for PBIC, I wouldn’t have my three rescued cats here in Palm Beach,” said Kim, who called from London during the party to apologize for not attending due to business.  But she thanked the 120 people attending the event, chaired by Florence Metzger. 

VIPs included Brownie McLean, Jan and Chip Malley, Max Kaufman, Bill Diamond, Lisa & Tom Ferguson, Sonia Reese & Grady Smith, Skira Watson, Lucille Hume, David Leavitt, Leslie Moss, Sam & Leslie Dashiell, Veronica & Kirk Alexander, Robin & Michael Sexton, Beverlie Rockliffe, Carol Anne & John Stiglmeier, Angela & Sam Whitaker, Michael Menillo, Don & Coco Schefmeyer, Allen & Zelda Mason, Kim & Paul Puffenbarger, Cheryl Love and Chris Adair.