January 10, 2013 [revised March 6, 2013]

For Immediate Release:


Palm Beach, FL – Pet lifestyle expert Sandy Robins spoke about the life and work of cats in the hospitality industry at Palm Beach Island Cats’s (PBIC) first “Cat in the Hat Tea,” held on January 9, 2013 in The Leopard Lounge at the Chesterfield Hotel. Robins, the author of Fabulous Felines: Heath and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat and For The Love of Cats has appeared on MSNBC and The Weather Channel.

Sandy spoke of the many cats who reside in some of the world’s best hotels and resorts, serving as furry feline ambassdors. Mathilda, perhaps the best known hotel feline, lives at New York’s famed Algonquin Hotel where a cat has lived on premises since the 1930’s. The proprietor of Hacienda San Angel in Puerto Vallarta not only provides a home to cats like “Sweetie Pie,” she also established a local SPCA shelter. Also, there’s Henry the Welcome Cat, an orange tabby who greets every guest at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club on the Caribbean island of Nevis. Robins described them as a symbiotic relationship; often these hospitality cats are strays or feral rescues that are provided care and love in a stable home, while the cats provide guest relations services, and on the side keep mice and rats in tow.

The tea was chaired by PBIC board member, Isabel Furlaud, Emceed by local media figure Emily Pantelides, and underwritten by Wells Fargo Palm Beach and the firm of Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart, & Shipley. Guests included Florence Berney, James Blaszyk, Maisie Grace, Linda Rossbach, Gail & David Leavitt, Jan Malley, Heather Moe, Linda Siris, Lisa Ferguson, Cynthia Gracey, and Jennifer Garrigues.