That Paulette Cooper Noble knows how to write the most clever headlines!

In the Palm Beach Daily News, also known as the Shiny Sheet because of the high-quality newsprint, the headline read, “How smart is your dog or cat?”

Well, if your cat or dog is really smart, they will whisper that you need to be a “party animal” and attend the Cat’s Meow Ball March 15th.

In the last paragraph of her March 5, 2013 story, Paulette wrote:

“PET PARTY: Don’t forget that PB Island Cats is presenting The Cat’s Meow Ball on March 15 at Club Colette, $500.  For tickets, call 561-317-6209.”

Paulette is a well-respected reporter for the Palm Beach Daily News.  She is well-known and well-read for her coverage of animals, from show dogs and purebred cats to feral felines who faithfully patrol the island of Palm Beach, Florida.

Bless you, Paulette, for all your work on behalf of our beloved animals!