Each day new situations confront the Field Director and her staff with the management of the homeless and community cats in Palm Beach.  Director Winifred “Wink” Barber is very concerned with the recent spike of new cats being abandoned on the Island, especially in the Sanford Avenue area.  “Not all of the never before seen cats are homeless cats - some of them are pets that have been abandoned in hopes that an animal friendly resident or our charity will take care of the pet,” Wink said.

We’re going to put our equipment to use again in that area to see if we can determine when and who is dumping cats in our Town, Executive Director Leslie Moss said.  We have hidden cameras now in the area, and Wink has talked with the Police Department who will assist with frequent patrols of the area.  We’ve worked very hard to stop the rise in the population of ats here , and we will do everything we can to keep moving forward with this management program by trying to stop the abandonment of cats in Palm Beach.

Everyone should know that abandoning a pet (regardless of the type of pet) is animal cruelty under the definition of the law, and if an individual is caught prosecution will follow. 

The belief that others will take care of your animal when dumped is misguided.  Abandonment endangers the animal who does not know how to care for itself on our streets and they become susceptible to disease or attack by other animals when trying to protect their “home”.  There are people willing to adopt animals that for whatever reason must be removed from a home, and there are shelters who can offer assistance, but for anyone to dump their animals in unfamiliar places is reckless and dangerous.

PBIC is making it known that we are doing what we can to stop this appalling behavior of dumping animals in Palm Beach.  PBIC is asking residents to be vigilant about who is coming and going in their neighborhoods and at what hours.  If anyone sees or has seen behavior they think is out of the ordinary or suspicious, please contact PBIC at 561-512-4884 or the local authorities.