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PBIC controls the cat population through trap, neuter, vaccinate and return. They are maintained with nightly food and water. Any necessary conditions receive medical treatment.

Our goal is all cats living safely in houses. Our program is the only humane way to achieve it.


In the pre-Palm Beach Island Cats era: 

  • The cat population continually grew and there were over 1,000 cats in Town.              
  • Cats the town freely and was not contained in colonies. 
  • Cats were often hungry and ill.                                            
  • Businesses and residents had to secure their property and garbage from the cats.                                      
  • Diners were accosted by hungry cats, as they left local restaurants with food.
  • The screams of mating cats fighting woke us up.


  • The cat population is less than half of what it was when we started our work.
  • In 2020 Palm Beach Island Cats (PBIC) had only 23 kittens born from our 322 adult cats, and they were all socialized and adopted into homes.
  • We use high quality food and feed and water before dawn when traffic is at its lowest level and it is safest.
  • PBIC feeds then runs the route again to clean up and residents don’t even know we have been here. 
  • The cats gather for their feeding allowing us to check for any medical needs.
  • We used 9,100 lbs. of dry food and 30,896 cans of wet food during 2020.
  • Having all Island cats neutered leads to peaceful nights in our neighborhoods. 
  • We continue to face new fertile cats being dumped here and 36 new cats were neutered this year. 
  •  A family this year started with 2 cats and in 6 months they became 19 cats.  
  • To control the population, we must remain vigilant. 
  • Cats are largely invisible due to our late-night feeding.
  • PBIC is now a mature TNR organization which means our cat population is almost all seniors and the population continues to drop due to attrition. 
  •  This is what all TNR groups strive for and few achieve.

Response to residents’ concerns is a big part of our job. We handle between 5 to 12 calls a day on everything from food deliveries, cats that need medical attention. Dreaded cat prints on Rolls or Porsche, appearance of kittens, DOA cats, rogue feeders making a mess and resident/cat conflicts. Patricia Kinion, our Field Director is a master at navigating these difficult tasks and putting out fires. Our feeding team has been with us from the beginning 12 years ago and does a stellar job, all before dawn and residents wake up.

We thank the Town of Palm Beach and our residents for your unwavering support which has allowed us to show the success a TNR program can achieve.

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